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NAATI Certified Translator and Translation services

NAATI certified translator is often used for official applications where it is required for the translation to be completed by a NAATI certified translator for accuracy and precision. This type of certified translation (NAATI) is commonly required for submission to the Department of immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), DIAC, Department of Foreign affairs and Trade (DFAT), Department of Home Affairs, Australian Passport office, Citizenship application, courts, and other state or federal government authorities.

The certified translation must attest that the translation was performed by a NAATI certified translator fluent in the language pair and satisfies all of NAATI’s requirements. All our translations are completed by 100% NAATI certified translators.

National Translation Services is the leader of certified translations in Australia. Our services are widely used by tens of thousands of businesses and individuals each year. We deliver high-quality translations quickly and affordably.

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NAATI Certified Translator – Sample Documents

What is a NAATI Certified Translator?

Naati Certified Translator, Naati Approved Translator or Naati Recognised Translator

A NAATI certified translator is a certified translator, a translator who has been certified by NAATI more precisely.

NAATI certifies the translator as being competent in English and another language and can translate into or from that language. A translator can either be certified in one direction, for example, Chinese to English or both directions, for example Italian to/from English.

Each translator has a practitioner ID which is unique and help verify their NAATI credentials.

What is NAATI?

The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters or simply NAATI’s primary role is to set and maintain standards within the translation and interpreting industry in Australia. NAATI ensures that all translators and interpreters have gone through rigorous training, abide by NAATI ethics and are qualified to the highest standards. If all requirements are met, NAATI provides the translators and interpreters NAATI credentials recognising them as part of the pool of NAATI approved linguists.

Languages NAATI Provide Certification For

NAATI certified translator service available in the following languages


Estonian Korean Russian


Filipino Kurdish Samoan


Finnish Lao



French Latin



German Latvian



Greek Lithuanian



Gujarati Macedonian



Gupapuyngu Malay



Hazaragi Maltese



Hebrew Marathi



Hindi Mongolian



Hmong Nepali



Hokkien Norwegian



Hungarian Oromo



Icelandic Persian



Indonesian Polish



Italian Portuguese



Japanese Punjabi



Khmer Pushto (Pashto)




Can’t find your language listed above, please contact us now and we will help!

Why Choose National Translation Services?

100% Guaranteed Acceptance
Our translations meet all requirements set by NAATI for official translators. We guarantee acceptance to all official government authorities in Australia and overseas.
Quality Assurance and Accurate
All our documents are prepared by a NAATI certified translator, who is experienced and will thoroughly do a quality check to ensure an error free translation is delivered.
High Standard of Customer Service
We are right here to assist you with your certified translation (NAATI) from ordering until delivery. Our client support specialist will match the best NAATI certified translators for your translations.

National Translation Services in Australia: Frequently Asked Questions

A certified translation service allows you to translate your document so that you can submit to the relevant Government departments such as DIAC, DIBP, DFAT, Road Authorities, Universities and others.

Formerly known NAATI accredited translators are certified professionals by NAATI who can provide you with the relevant certified and professioanl translations for guaranteed acceptance.

In essence, a NAATI certified translator can translate any document, regardless of the content. The translator will translate what is provided and as it is presented.

Most professional translators will specialise in certain fields that they feel more comfortable working in and only focus on learning and development in that area.

However, a large number of NAATI certified translators translate documents into English for official use in Australia namely certificates such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic transcripts, diplomas, driver’s licences, business registration and so on. These translated documents are commonly referred to as certified translation or ‘NAATI translation’.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should translate your document using a translator accredited by NAATI:

– NAATI is the only accredited body for translators in Australia.
– All government official authorities have strict requirements for translation completed by NAATI accredited translators. The authorities will reject the translation if it does not bear a NAATI certification and stamp.

NAATI accredited and NAATI certified are interchangeable nowadays as NAATI has moved from accrediting translators to certifying them. Meaning, that translators are not indefinitely accredited, but are reviewed and reassessed to ensure high standards and quality maintenance.

NAATI recognition however is for languages that are not common. It is an acknowledgement from NAATI of a translator’s past experience as a translator, but no indication of their expertise.

Our NAATI certified translator and NAATI recognised professional translator service is available in all languages, please check our languages page. Some of the common languages for formerly known NAATI accredited translator services are Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, French, Greek, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Malay, Nepali, Persian, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

A certified translation is a translation completed by a NAATI certified translator or as previously known a certified translator who holds an accreditation from NAATI.

A NAATI certified translator usually will include the NAATI stamp and signature of the translator and a translator’s certification statement on the translation.

Government authorities such as Department of Immigration, Road authorities, passport office, DFAT, DIBP all require when you submit a foreign language document that the document is a translated by a NAATI certified translator.

In short, a certified translation is a translation that has been completed by a NAATI certified translator who holds a valid NAATI certification or previously known as an accreditation from NAATI.

There are a number of factors that influence the pricing of a translation, such as the language pair, the delivery turnaround, the number of words, how legible the document is, does the document require much formatting and so on.

However, rest assure we provide the best and affordable pricing in Australia. Our prices start at $ 70.00 per document.

To provide you with a customised service and pricing, please send us a quote or email us your document (s). We will rely with a price straight away.

Our normal service delivery time is 3 business days for you to receive your electronic copy translated. However, we do provide express services for you to meet any deadlines. Enquire with us>

Thanks to technology, we can be everywhere instantly!

We provide NAATI Certified translators Australia-wide, below is a list of common cities we provide our services to. However, this list is non-exhaustive. We can deliver anywhere in Australia and overseas for electronic copy as well as hard copy.

  • NAATI Translators in Sydney
  • NAATI Translators in Melbourne
  • NAATI Translators in Brisbane
  • NAATI Translators in Perth
  • NAATI Translators in Adelaide

Express Service Option

We provide a wide range of express services. Get in touch with us so that we can make your deadline with guarantee with quality assurance.

NAATI translation services

NAATI Certified OR NAATI Accredited and NAATI Recognised

All our translations are  by NAATI certified translators. Your document will include the NAATI stamp and signature.

NAATI translator

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National Translation Services (NTS) helps individuals and businesses with fast and affordable professional translation services.


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About Us

National Translation Services (NTS) helps individuals and businesses with fast and affordable professional translation services.


Suite 1A, Level 2
802 Pacific Highway
Gordon, Sydney
NSW 2072

(02) 8007 3763

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